How to perform dermaneedling, and which products are best.


What you need:

Dermastamp (I recommend the 1.5mm and the 1mm for areas with thinner skin.

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Dermaroller (Again, I reccomend the 1.5mm)

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Isopropyl Alochol (Get this anywhere)

Cotton pads (Buy anywhere)


To start off, wash your face. Then wipe down down your face, and rinse the roller or stamp all with isopropyl alcohol. You can use a numbing cream as well if you like. Roll horizontally first, lifting and moving the roller down (or up) slightly each time. After you have completed the entire section you wish to roll horizontally, do the same vertically. For more stubborn scars, you can use the dermastamp, stamping the scar and moving it slightly and stamping again till you have covered the area.

These procedures should be done no more than every 3-4 weeks.

Aftercare and topicals:

After you are done rolling and your face is clean, I recommend Terproline cream. In addition to this, vitamin C cream is also good.

Terproline Face Cream 50Ml

Vitamin C (Topical)

(To mix this use 1 part Vitamin C powder, and 10 parts hot water, store in sealed container.)

Vitamin C Tablet (Take 1000-2000mg per day)

LED Man Lights (Helps promote collagen growth and prevents acne)

If you have the money to spend you can buy both of these, use each 5 minutes per day, seperately, about 3 cm away from face.

660nm/880nm LED light, 590nm LED Light

Note: You do not need to buy all of these products, and if you would like help or suggestions you can post in the forum.

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