Saline Injections

How to perform saline injections at home, and what you need. Saline injections are an effective way to break up scar tissue, and promote collagen production. They are not a temporary filler, but rather are a permanent solution.

Saline Injections

What you need:

Isopropyl Alochol (Get this anywhere)

Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride

0.3 cc, 30 gauge Syringes

Cotton pads (Buy anywhere)


To start off wipe down the saline solution bottle, your scar, and the syringe with isopropyl alcohol. Draw the sodium chloride solution into the syringe, so you have enough solution. Squirt a small amount out, to get rid of any air in the syringe. Now, incidenting at a 45 degree angle, push the syringe into the middle of your scar approximately 1.5-2mm (see diagram). Fill the scar until there is a slight bubble then stop. After this wipe the scar lightly again with alcohol, and you are finished.

Saline Injection