Sulfur Ointment

An effective remedy for pimples, and active acne.

Sulfur Acne Ointment

De La Cruz Sulfur Acne Ointment

sulfur ointment


The directions on this product state you should apply it for 10 minutes, and then wash it off. For persistent acne, I actually found it more useful to leave this product on for a few hours, or even overnight. It helps to dry up the pimple as well as clear it. I also found it to be effective on body acne, where other products weren’t. It does have a very sulfur-like smell, as it is sulfur, but this can be masked with other scents. I would not use this on visible parts of the body if you are going to be out, as it shows up, but you could apply it to and leave it on your body during the day. I do recommend this product, as I found it to be effective.